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WhosOn Professional Subscription (5 Clients) 3.4

WhosOn Professional Subscription (5 Clients) 3.4

WhosOn Professional Subscription (5 Clients) Publisher's Description

If you own or operate a web site, or if you run a web server (either hosting your own web sites, or providing hosting services) we are sure you will find WhosOn an invaluable tool.

Live Visitor Statistics
WhosOn gives you a real time view of your web site visitor activity. You can watch visitors arrive at your site and move from page to page in real time. You can see where they came from (the Referrer), and specific data about the visitor, such as Country & City, Browser, Operating System and Reverse DNS. You can see if the visitor has been to your site before ? and if so details of each previous visit. All this information is updated before your eyes in real time ? as it happens. WhosOn shows spider activity separately allowing you to concentrate on ?real? visitors.

Historical Traffic Analysis
Whilst providing real time views of your visitor activity, WhosOn updates a SQL Database of Visits, Visitors, Page Views, and Referrers etc. You can run reports on this database using the included Charts & Reports tool. Over 50 standard traffic analysis reports are included, plus you can create your own.

Live Visitor Chat
WhosOn allows your web site visitors to chat to operators within your organization in real time. This enables you to provide live sales & support directly on your site. Whilst chatting, operators can instantly see details of the visitors visit(what pages they have looked at) and their previous visits. They can also access previous chats. Operators can ?push? pages to the visitor to help direct them to the correct part of your site. You can even pro-actively invite a visitor to chat with you.

Real Time Error & Exception Alerting
WhosOn can alert you in real time if any errors occur on your web site (such as a missing page). You can be alerted via popup messages sent to the WhosOn Client, or via Email, or even via SMS text messages to your mobile phone.

Prospect Detection
Prospect Detection allows you to focus on visitors to your site that are potential customers. You can define a set of key pages that when viewed a visitor will be flagged as a 'Prospect'. This can be over multiple visits. WhosOn then credits the first referrer with the prospect. This allows you to track advertisement ROI much more accurately than traditional hit counts.

Hacker Detection
WhosOn can detect visitors that may be trying to hack your site by watching for combinations of Exceptions that the visitor is raising. WhosOn can inform you of hacker attempts in real time and it can automatically exclude the visitor's IP address from IIS.

Remote Access
Using the WhosOn Client you can view live stats, receive real-time error reports and chat to your visitors remotely from the WhosOn PC. Multiple Clients can be connected to a single WhosOn Server. The Client works via your internal network or via the Internet.

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